Energy solutions

Our smart devices do all the work to reduce your energy consumption so that you don’t need to think about it! Whether you manage a home or run a business, our team will work with you to customise an energy solution to suit your needs.

Voltage Reader

Simple voltage diagnostic tool

 Plugs into any power point in your home

Instantly reads voltage level supplied to your devices

Energy Monitor

Clips onto your switchboard​

Monitors up to 6 main power loads​

Talks to your edgeConX app and provides live data

Compatible with all homes and apartments


Supercharge your solar harvest by up to 15%

 Reduce your energy consumption by up to 10%

   Protect your appliances and solar system

 Slash the cost of your electricity bills

Help the environment and your wallet


Reduce your power consumption by up to 20%!

Superior Power Factor Correction technology

Lower operating costs than existing solutions

Real-time data through an interactive portal

100% financing available

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