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Energy Monitor


  • Monitors cost & usage per appliance​
  • Predicts cost of next bill​
  • Monitors solar performance (if you have solar)​
  • Customised alerts & tips to save money






Connect your home

edgeConX + energy monitor is the simplest way to keep track of your home’s power. ​

Smart tech

Compact monitoring device (the size of your hand)​
Clips onto your switchboard​
Monitors up to 6 main power loads​
Talks to your edgeConX app so you get live data every second ​

Simple install​

Installed by an electrician in 15 minutes​
Compatible with all homes and apartments​

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Know your voltage

High voltage is a nasty problem. It means you are being force-fed too much power from the grid, resulting in high power bills, damaged appliances and dangerous power spikes. ​

How to use your voltage reader:​

1. Simply plug it into any power point​
2. Get an instant, real-time voltage reading​
3. ‘Stable dot’ is the present voltage​
4. ‘Flashing dot’ is your maximum recorded voltage.

Leave it in all day to see how your voltage changes. ​

Want to see how much you could save with EdgeIQ Voltage Protection?

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Voltage Reader


  • Simple voltage diagnostic tool​
  • Plugs into any power point in your home​
  • Instantly reads voltage level supplied to
    your devices








  • Protects your home, appliances and solar system from high voltage​
  • Instantly reduces your power consumption by up to 10%
  • Increases the yield from your solar panels by up to 15%​
  • Improves the lifespan of all appliances​
  • Saves you up to $600 every single year




Protect your home

Have you made the smart decision to install solar, but aren’t seeing enough savings? You are not alone! Hundreds of thousands of Aussie solar customers are losing up to $1,500 every single year because of high voltage.

​If you’ve ever experienced under performing solar, high power bills, flickering lights or damaged appliances, you need protection from high voltage.

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