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An easy, low-cost way to diagnose a High Voltage problem at your home or business

The impacts of high voltage


High electricity bills
and unknown energy costs

Lock out

Solar lock out and
decreased solar


Reduced lifespan
of appliances


The high voltage problem

High voltage is a nasty problem. It means you are being force-fed too much power from the grid, resulting in high power bills, damaged appliances, and dangerous power spikes. If you have solar, the high voltage will stop your system from working.

Across Australia, the overall voltage of electricity delivered to homes has risen to damaging and dangerous levels.

Your home requires 225 volts to run efficiently, yet energy networks may be forcing you to consume voltages as high as 255V or higher.

High grid voltage can decrease your solar harvest by up to 15% It will degrade your solar inverter and could prevent you from generating power when the sun is out!

The solution

Protect your home from high voltage by using a Voltage Reader to diagnose your High Voltage problem. If your voltage is above 240 volts, consider installing a compact, low-cost Voltage Protection device.

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Benefits of lower voltage:

Increased solar harvest

Solar inverter will not disconnect and solar harvest is increased by up to 15%, giving you more electricity to sell back to the grid.

Less power usage

Appliances take in only the power they need to run, which instantly reduces your consumption.

Voltage Regulator

Why Customers Decide To Work With Edge Electrons

More home and business owners than ever before are placing a strong emphasis on sustainability in terms of power usage. Countless people across the country are trying to limit and better understand the way that they consume energy.

A big part of managing your power usage is purchasing a high-quality voltage regulator for home or business. These sophisticated items can work wonders – if you choose the right option and it’s installed by a knowledgeable and experienced provider.

Finding the provider that’s right for your needs isn’t easy, but we’re here to make your life simpler. Here’s a closer look at the key reasons so many customers across Australia decide to work with Edge Electrons.

Years of Experience in Providing Quality Voltage Regulators

When you decide to work with Edge Electrons, you can rest assured that every single person in our team has the appropriate experience and training in high voltage regulators. We call upon this experience on every single job so that we’re able to deliver to our high standards.

Our experience in automatic voltage regulators means that by now, we’re able to deliver a supreme level of consistent service to our customers. Each of our customers can look forward to receiving high-quality work that helps them to properly organise their energy consumption.

Proven Results

We know that it can be tough to choose between different providers. You’ll need to pay attention to a number of key factors, and the previous results of the provider is an important one. You should assess the performance of your provider to determine whether or not they have what it takes to deliver.

Here at edgeConX, we always put our customers first. That focus on your satisfaction means that we work flawlessly and get the right results. Please feel free to browse through our various reviews – we’re confident that you’ll find lots of glowing testimonials from customers who are delighted with our level of service.

Countless Happy Customers With Our High-Quality Voltage Regulators

As well as the results of a company, you’ll want to pay attention to how that company treats its customers. If you find lots of glowing reviews and success stories, there’s a good chance that’s a company that you can trust.

At Edge Electrons, we do everything that we can to delight our customers. We are fast in terms of customer service, for instance, and we work around the clock to make sure that our team members have the appropriate training to deliver fast and high-quality service.

A Passion For Electricity

Every single member of our team is passionate and dedicated to their craft. We are all crazy about electricity and this passion is the driving force behind our success. Each day, we work alongside our customers and deliver the best results.

This passion for electricity also means that we’re delighted to answer any questions that you might have. You can easily reach out to us and get the information that you need.

Need Voltage Regulator? Contact Us Today

Ready to get your project off the ground? Get in touch with us today and it will be our pleasure to start moving things forward.

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How it works

Simply plug it into any power point​ in the home

Get an instant, real-time voltage reading​

‘Stable dot’ is the present voltage

‘Flashing dot’ is your maximum recorded voltage.

Monitor your voltage with EdgeIQ

Using software-driven technology, EdgeIQ protects your solar from damaging voltage levels. Our smart device acts as a filter between the electricity grid and your home to reduce the voltage you receive to a safe and efficient level of 225 volts.

Accessed online through your mobile or computer, our easy to use customer interface delivers you peace of mind with powerful, real-time monitoring of your solar panel performance and energy usage.

Diagnose your voltage now

If you’re fed up with expensive electricity, act now and save instantly. It’s that simple!

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