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What is edgeConX?

edgeConX is a smart energy monitoring platform.


It allows you to track your energy consumption and costs in real-time, as well as your solar or battery system if you have them. Once an edgeConX energy monitor is installed in your switchboard by a qualified electrician, you can download your free edgeConX app and start tracking your home’s energy right from your smartphone. The app asks you for a few simple details, including your current energy rate, and tracks your spend in real-time based on this personalised information.

How do I access edgeConX?

edgeConX can be accessed via the mobile app (iOS and Android) and a browser-based platform.  


The edgeConX app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

How does edgeConX monitor my power usage?

Each edgeConX energy monitor uses up to 6 current transformers (CTs), clipped to the wires in your switchboard, to measure the flow of power around your home. It then collates the data into 30-second blocks.


edgeConX receives data from an electricity monitor installed in your switchboardThat monitor uses a number of Circuit Transformers (CTs) to monitor individual circuits around your home.  


Most energy monitors can monitor a maximum of 6 circuits throughout your home. 


Data Transmission and Safety

How does edgeConX transmit the data?

Data collected from the energy monitor in the switchboard is transmitted via WiFi or the 3G/4G networks to our servers. Once processed, the data is then made available for customers to view via the edgeConX app or our browser-based portal. 

How much data does edgeConX use?

The edgeConX energy monitor uses a very small amount of data – usually no more than 30-60MB per month.

How safe is my data?

The edgeConX energy monitor transmits data over UDP (User Datagram Protocol). This is secured by the DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security) protocol. DTLS allows communications between the edgeConX energy monitor and our servers without eavesdropping, unauthorised access, or message tampering.


Additionally, only those with your username and password, and Edge Electrons admin & support staff can see your data. You can choose to allow or restrict installers access to your data via our desktop portal.


Privacy Policy

Day to Day Use

My Name/Email/Address/Phone number is incorrect – how do I change it?

Please log a ticket with our support team here https://edgeelectrons.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new and we will update this for you.  

Why does my device show Disconnected in the portal/app?

Devices can occasionally drop their connection to your WiFi network but should reconnect themselves very quickly.  

If your unit has remained offline for more than an hour we recommend power cycling your mains connection in your switchboard. This is done to reset both the energy monitor and your WiFi router.  

If you continue to experience disconnections, please log a ticket with our support team here https://edgeelectrons.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new  

How can I be importing and exporting power at the same time?

There can be several reasons why this occurs.  

edgeConX collates data in 30 second blocks. Within this 30 second period you may have been exporting power for 15 seconds and then switched on an appliance that requires more power than your solar was generating at that point.  

Similarly, you may have been using a large amount of power and stopped during the 30 second period, allowing your inverter to begin exporting the excess power back to the grid. 

Finally, if you have a 2 or 3 phase home, it can be quite common to import power on the phases separate from your solar system.  

How do you calculate my costs?

During our account set up process you will be asked to provide your daily connection charge, consumption rate, and any solar feed in tariffs you receive from your electricity retailer.  

We use this information to calculate the raw costs of your usage before GST and before any discounts you may receive from your energy retailers after your bill is calculated are processed. 

Do you support Peak/Off Peak/Shoulder rates?

Yes, the edgeConX platform supports over 90% of the different rate types currently in the Australian market.  

How do I update my costs/monthly budget?

Updates to your monthly costs, feed-in tariffs, and monthly budget can be made in either the browser platform or via the app. 

To update via your browser, log in and scroll down until you find the View Energy Rates button highlighted below. Click the button and you will be presented with your current rates which can be easily updated.  

How do you forecast my monthly spend?

We use a range of factors to create a forecast for your monthly spend. This includes your daily connection charge, consumption rates, and any solar feed in tariffs you receive. We also consider the number of occupants inside your home, the time of year, and your usage history 

Can I isolate solar or grid in the usage breakdown graph?

Yes, you can turn each of the different elements of the usage breakdown graph on or off in our browser portal by clicking on the name of element.  


Image 1. All Elements On

Image 2. Solar Export Off

Can I export my data for my own use?

Yes, CSV extracts of individual circuit data are available for download via our browser portal. 

The granularity of the data is dependent upon the date range selected. 

A single day’s data is broken into 15 minute blocks. 

Between 1 and 90 days data is broken into 1 hour blocks. 

91 days or more data is split into 1 day blocks. 

To extract the data, first select the date range of the data you wish to view and then hit the Export CSV button. 

My voltage is unhealthy/extreme – what does this mean?

The healthy operating range for voltage in Australia is between 220v and 240v. Anything above this figure is excess voltage which can cause a range of problems for both your appliances and any solar systems you have installed.  

Our EdgeIQ product can assist in limiting the voltage into your home. If your voltage is consistently in the unhealthy/extreme zones, please get in touch to discuss how EdgeIQ could assist.  

Can I change what I circuits I am monitoring?

Yes, you can change the circuits being monitored by the hardware, however, this will require an electrician to visit the switchboard and alter the configuration of the wiring. 

Please Note – under no circumstances should anyone who is not a licensed electrician make changes to the physical installation of an energy monitor.  

Can I rename my circuits?

Yes, please contact our customer support team to discuss changing the names of your existing circuits. 

What is the Unmonitored circuit?

In many modern households there are more individual circuits than a single energy monitor can track. When this occurs, and we are aware of the overall household consumption, we can group all unmonitored circuits in one and present it as a combined figure.  

For example; 

Grid Consumption (CT1) – 5.2KW/h 

Air Conditioner 1 (CT2) – 2.4KW/h 

Dishwasher (CT3) – 0.00 KW/h 

Electric Hot Water (CT4) – 0.8KW/h 

Air Conditioner 2 (CT5) – 1.1KW/h 

Lighting (CT6) –  0.0KW/h 

In the scenario above we know that there is 5.2KW/h of power being consumed, of which we can account for 4.3KW/h. 

The left over 0.9KW/h, which may be due to appliances plugged in around the home such as a Fridge or TV, will be displayed in Unmonitored category 

Can I use the edgeConX energy monitor to only monitor sub circuits without monitoring the mains?

It is possible to only use the edgeConX CTs to monitor subcircuits without monitoring mains however certain portal features such as live monitoring will not work as these require grid monitoring for calculation.


If the mains are unmonitored then data will only appear in the “Usage Breakdown” section of the edgeConX app.


*Please note that we strongly recommend 1 CT be assigned to the grid wire for a single-phase home, 2 CTs for a dual-phase home, and 3 CTs for a 3 phase home. All CTs must be labelled in order for them to function.

Bill Comparisons

Why is my bill different from edgeConX?

There can be a range of reasons why your bill shows a different cost than edgeConX for the same period. 

Have you changed retailer or have your electricity rates changed since you signed up? 

Does your bill include any fees? 

Does your bill have an included discount?  

The edgeConX energy monitor was recently tested by a government laboratory that confirmed its accuracy to within 1% of household power consumption. 

If you find wildly different values for the same period between edgeConX and your bill, please get in touch with us to discuss further.  


What is EdgeIQ

EdgeIQ is a device that acts as a filter between the electricity grid and your home. It uses patented AC to AC technology to reduce the incoming voltage to a safe and efficient level of 225v. 

What is Voltage?

Put simply, voltage is the pressure required to move electricity down a wire. Similar to the water fed into your house, without pressure it is unable to move. Voltage allows electricity to move.  

Why is High Voltage a problem?

High Voltage is a problem in a range of different ways.  

For customers who have invested in adding solar to their homes, excess voltage can reduce the amount of solar your system can produce, export and, can even force your solar system to shut down completely in some instances.  

Excess grid voltage can also damage your appliances. 

Why does my EdgeIQ making clicking sounds?

Clicking sounds coming from your EdgeIQ indicate that the unit has either started or stopped regulating household voltage. This can happen from time to time when appliances such as Air Conditioners, Dishwashers, or other appliances with a motor are switched on. 

This is a normal part of the operation of your EdgeIQ.  

Why can I hear fan sounds coming from my EdgeIQ?

Fans within your EdgeIQ may occasionally need to switch on to remove heat associated with the regulation of grid energy.  

This is a normal part of the operation of your EdgeIQ.  

What does the LED light on the front of the unit mean?

The LED is an indication of the status of your EdgeIQ. The table below outlines what each colour represents.  

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