We track steps & calories,
so why not kilowatts?

Energy Monitor

This tiny device keeps track of your energy usage in real time & sends that super helpful info straight to your phone!

Real-time tracking

See all the power going in and out of your home as it happens!

Helpful advice

Get personalised energy insights & simple notifications to help you save.

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Smart technology, simple software


Track your costs, usage, solar, battery, CO2 and more in real-time


Know exactly how much your next power bill will cost before it hits


Get helpful, personalised energy insights to save more and use less


Set & smash monthly energy goals with
useful, real-time alerts.
useful, real-time alerts.

The problem

Energy confusion

Ever opened a power bill and been horrified by the cost and bamboozled figures?

Perhaps you’ve spent hours on the phone to your retailer, scribbling numbers and circling graphs, only to realise it’s all too late.

The bill’s arrived. It makes no sense. You’ll have to pay it anyway.

All around the world, big power companies profit from this state of energy confusion. If we can’t see it or control it, we’re likely to use more of it!

But energy confusion means more than just higher usage. It also leads to higher carbon emissions and increased energy anxiety – which is unhealthy for people and the planet.

The solution

Energy Monitor

Finally there is a low-cost technology that makes energy management simple & stress-free.

Our smart energy monitor, paired with the edgeConX app is like a fitness tracker for your home or business that will help you save more and use less. With a simple installation into the main switchboard of your site the energy monitor will instantly begin to track your usage, spend, solar and more in real time. Once the energy monitor is installed use the edgeConX app to set monthly energy goals, reduce bills and save with convenience and ease. 

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Domestic Energy Monitor

Understand Your Energy Consumption With Our Domestic Energy Monitor

Insight and understanding are key. You can use domestic energy monitoring devices to take control of your energy consumption at home.

Most people are flying blind when it comes to their home’s energy consumption. While a lot of us are aware that we should turn off any unnecessary lights and appliances, but not knowing exactly when and where your electricity is getting used up means that you can’t make the right changes to reduce your energy bills.

Home energy monitors such as the edgeConX provide you with real-time insights that give you the knowledge and information that you need to help you identify the areas where you can reduce your energy usage. Our energy monitor is affordable and a lot easier to use than you might suspect.

How Does Our Domestic Energy Monitor Work?

You can think of our home power monitor or device as a Fitbit or calorie counter for your home that will help you to keep track of your energy consumption and in turn, help you to lead a more energy-conscious lifestyle while saving money on your electricity bills.

The device is installed onto the main electrical switchboard and will instantly begin to track how much energy you are using, the money you are spending and even track solar usage if you have it. All of the data is provided in real-time and helps to keep you up-to-date with exactly what is going on energy-wise in your household. Once we’ve installed the monitor, it’s as simple as downloading the edgeConX app and you can then set monthly goals that will help you reduce bills and save money.

Domestic Energy Monitoring Device Uses Innovative Technology That’s Easy to Use

The edgeConX is built to get in-depth data from your electricity usage but the app simplifies it and presents it to you un an easy to understand format that will help you to understand the energy consumption in your house. There are four key components to our system that makes it a premier domestic energy monitor in Australia:

  • Tracking abilities: This little device can track almost everything to do with energy consumption in your home. Whether you’re looking to keep a tab on your costs, your overall usage, specific appliance usage, Co2 levels, solar or battery, the edgeConX app can display these for you in real-time.
  • Prediction: Using historical data, as well as real-time statistics, we can predict how much your next electricity bill is going to be so that there are no nasty surprises.
  • Goal setting: We encourage you to set energy consumption goals every month that will help to inform an objective that you can strive for and smash every month. This helps to keep you on track for optimum energy consumption.
  • Behavioural changes: There’s no point in having the data if it’s not being used. The app allows you to see where and when you are using the most electricity and gives you tips, advice and insights into how you can adjust your energy-related behaviours to achieve more sustainable consumption and a lower bill at the end of the month. Some ideas to keep in mind things such as not filling your kettle to the top, turning off appliances, using energy-saving light bulbs, defrosting your freezer, lower temperatures on your washing machine, etc.

Sustainable Energy Solutions Should No Be a Luxury

We’re at a stage where sustainable and green energy solutions are dominating much of the news and it’s imperative for the planet that as many people as possible invest in these solutions. The problem is that most of these new technologies are above the means of most ordinary citizens and that’s an issue that we’d like to address. That’s why we’ve created a technologically advanced app that is affordable and will help people save money.

At the end of the day, sustainability is more achievable if we have a world full of people doing it imperfectly than a small handful of wealthy people doing it perfectly. If you’d like some more tips and energy monitoring system, head over to our blog or simply get in touch with us for more information about our domestic energy monitoring devices.

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How does this work?


edgeConX paired with the energy monitor lets you see exactly how much you’re spending on individual appliances in your home. All you need to do is decide what to track! Your energy monitor will connect to 6 individual circuits within your home.

Your big “power guzzling” appliances will be on their own power circuit. It’s a good idea to track these first, and you can always add smart plugs to your other appliances to increase visibility and control in the future.

Energy Monitor install
The installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician. It will be installed into your switchboard, during the process, your electrician will ask you which appliances you want to monitor.

Activate edgeConX
Once installed, you will receive an activation email prompting you to set up your edgeConX profile

Download edgeConX
When your edgeConX profile has been activated, you will be redirected to a landing page where you can download your edgeConX app (available for Apple & Android)

Get started 
Once you have downloaded edgeConX, you are good to go! edgeConX is the most intuitive and customer friendly app for home energy monitoring.

How does this work?

Installer information

The energy monitor requires a Wifi signal at the switchboard and DIN rail space for a 2U 35mm device or an additional mini enclosure. The Installation app must be downloaded by the installer and used to enter their credentials, once logged in, the Installation app will take the installer through the necessary steps in a simple and clear format.

Once the installation process is complete the customer will receive an email inviting them to complete and activate their account profile. Once the account is activated, they will be prompted to download the edgeConX customer app. As soon as the edgeConX app is downloaded, they will receive live data from their energy monitor, along with customer-friendly alerts and notifications.

Our partners

​Edge is proud to work with a range of partners and customers across Australia and Asia. For all partnership enquiries, please contact us here

The edgeConX app pairs with the energy monitor and works like a fitness tracker for your home. It tracks and presents your energy data in a way that is helpful, simple & fun!

The edgeConX portal pairs with the energy monitor and works like a fitness tracker for your home. Get deeper clarity and information in real time. Perfect for having hardware on multiple sites.

Start monitoring now!

If you’re fed up with expensive electricity, act now and save instantly. It’s that simple!

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