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PowerSave is the first step in reducing running costs and gaining the knowledge on where, when and how energy is being used.

Balancing Power Factor sets the foundation for awareness and understanding. The live data and easy to understand visualisation builds a program for further energy reductions, efficiency and savings.

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KVA Reduction

edgeConX Uses Technology and Software to Reduce Your Energy Costs

Want to reduce KVA demand in your home or business? At edgeConX, we deliver electrical equipment and innovative software solutions that allow you to do exactly that in your home or business premises. Our patented technology allows you to reduce electrical demand during peak times, regulate voltage in your home, and ensure you only ever pay for the power you really need.

Our innovative systems allow you to become environmentally conscious, reduce your carbon footprint, and save money on those ever-increasing energy bills.

EdgeIQ for Home and Business

Our Edge IQ system is designed to help residential and commercial solar panel users reduce KVA charges. We understand that energy costs are high and even efficient home appliances can use large amounts of energy. Our EdgeIQ System is software-driven and is designed specifically to act as a filter between the electricity grid and your property. It reduces the voltage you receive down to a safe level and ensures that your personal solar system is protected from grid problems. You’ll generate the maximum amount of power possible whenever the sun is out, and your home and appliances will be protected at every moment. With our system, you can save as much as 15% on your energy bills.

Alternatively, our hugely popular PowerSave System gives businesses and industrial operations the resources they need to reduce energy consumption at peak times. Combined with our intuitive app, you’ll have access to all the metrics you need to streamline your business.

Tracking, Predicting, and Managing Your Outgoings Will Reduce KVA Charges

With our patented electrical units and intuitive software, edgeConX delivers substantial KVA reduction for your home and business. We do this, first of all, by effectively tracking your costs, your electrical usage, and even your solar energy consumption. Our systems track all metrics in real-time, allowing you to see how much energy you use, the sources of that energy, and your overall CO2 emissions.

These metrics empower you to make changes on your own or allow our team of experts to implement technological solutions that reduce your power demand and consumption. Based on those metrics and historical trends, our software predicts exactly how much energy you use every month (and how that changes depending on the equipment in use) and shows you how much your energy bill will be before it comes through.

As you learn more about your energy usage and become increasingly familiar with our energy monitoring system, you’ll learn how to use less and maximize your energy usage, set monthly goals and become more efficient. It’s great for your bottom line, and it even allows you to become a more environmentally focused company! What more could you ask for?

Want to Reduce KVA Demand Charges? Speak To An Expert Today

To find out more about how our technology can reduce your electricity consumption and save you thousands, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can speak to our team over the phone and we’ll be happy to offer advice or put you in touch with the nearest representatives to you.

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Impacts of high peak demand

High electricity bills

Networks charge you for every peak, so your demand charge is high

Solar benefits

Even with solar, you’re still paying high peak demand charges. PowerSave will reduce these by up to 20%

High carbon emissions

High peak demand means greater carbon emissions

PowerSave instantly reduces
your peak consumption and
increases your savings on
every bill, every year.

Average customer’s 10 year
cumulative savings

Network demand charge

The problem

Are you tired of expensive and complex bills?

As the owner of a growing business, you’ve got better things to do than worry about energy bills. Without simple, energy efficient technology to reduce your peak demand, you could be missing out on significant savings.

Many business owners are completely unaware that, in addition to standard energy charges, Electricity Networks also hit customers with a Network Demand Charge. Whenever your equipment is turned on, it causes peak surges of power. Your electricity company charges you a maximum daily rate for that expensive peak power, even if you only use that peak power for a few minutes during the month. 

The solution

Save instantly with PowerSave

Edge’s unique PowerSave is a globally-patented Power Factor Correction device. Its software-driven capacitors are like small batteries which provide peak power to your equipment, so that you don’t have to buy that expensive peak power from the Electricity Network. 

Benefits of PowerSave

Low electricity bills

You don’t pay for the peak, which reduces your demand charge

Efficient equipment

Equipment has an improved power factor, meaning they use power efficiently

Low carbon emissions

Equipment uses less power, resulting in lower carbon emissions

Superior technology

Smaller, more accurate and more cost-effective than other solutions


How we’ve helped businesses

Fight back against expensive bills with PowerSave

If you’re fed up with expensive electricity, act now and save instantly. It’s that simple!

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