The clever way to control
your homes power.

Edge IQ

Energy costs are high, appliances aren’t cheap and money doesn’t grow on trees. EdgeIQ is the best protection you can get to shield your home and your appliances from grid instability, high voltage, surges and dirty power. Lower your energy bills by regulating the voltage into your home and only paying for the power you need.

Clean regulated power quality is now yours with an EdgeIQ protecting your home.

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Solar Energy Monitor

How Our Solar Energy Monitor Can End Energy Anxiety

With 20 global patents under our belt and happy customers all over Australia, our team at edgeConX is proud to offer homeowners and business owners all over the country a reliable solar energy monitoring system.

With our unique system, it’s easier than ever to monitor solar energy generation from your panels and to keep track of your energy usage throughout the year. A combination of physical technology and an intuitive app allows you to access important metrics, see how much energy you’re using, and even predict the cost of your energy bills outside of your solar energy usage.

We’re ending energy anxiety for Australian homeowners, helping you cut costs and become as efficient as possible.

Our Solar Monitoring System Makes Energy Efficiency Possible

Something as small and simple as the edgeConX Energy Monitor can help make your solar panels more efficient than you thought possible. This small and easy-to-use device will monitor solar energy and help you save money. It is a smart energy monitor that works in conjunction with our edgeConX app.

Consider it your home’s very own fitness tracker and your solar panels’ sidekick. Once it has been installed into the main switchboard of your property, the home solar energy monitor instantly starts tracking the energy you use and the source of that energy. It tracks your use of solar energy and monitors the performance of your panels with a view to helping you refine their usage.

Installation is super simple, too. We’ve designed our product in a way that allows any electrician to install it within fifteen minutes, and it is compatible with all homes and apartments.

Protect Yourself From High Voltage With Solar Monitor

If your solar panels are underperforming and your energy bills skyrocketing, you might need protection from high voltage. Our team of experts can help you save huge sums of money each year by ensuring your solar panels are working efficiently and your property’s electrical system and appliances are protected from high voltage.

Putting Our Customers First

We’re proud to always put our customers first. Alongside our innovative products and intuitive software solutions, we invest heavily in our team to ensure that every single one of our representatives is completely qualified and always happy to help you.

The very nature of our software and products is customer-focused, too. We take complicated data, we make it extremely easy to set up your new solar energy monitor system, and we turn all the information it gathers into important insights. We make energy management possible for even the busiest of customers.

Get the View About Our Solar Monitoring System From The Experts!

Want to learn more about how a solar monitor can help you make the most of your renewable energy source? Call up our sales team and we’ll answer all your questions and discuss our products with you in greater detail. We’re confident we can help you save money and become more environmentally conscious.

We can even connect you with the nearest representatives to your region to provide a full assessment and help you make the right decisions for your property. Our team is always happy to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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The problem

Are you making
the most of your
solar panels?

Solar is a smart investment for you and the environment, but high grid voltage can drag down the performance of your panels and prevent your system from generating power, resulting in extra costs and lower savings. Without visibility of how your system is performing, you could be missing out on significant savings.

Our intelligent device will increase
your solar harvest by up to 15%

The impacts of high voltage


High electricity bills
and unknown energy costs

Lock out

Solar lock out and
decreased solar harvest


Reduced lifespan
of appliances

High grid voltage can decrease your solar harvest by up to 15% It will degrade your solar inverter and could prevent you from generating power when the sun is out!


The problem

Of high

Across Australia the overall voltage of electricity delivered to homes has risen to damaging and dangerous levels.

Your home requires 225 volts to run efficiently, yet energy networks may be forcing you to consume voltages as high as 255V or higher.

The solution


Using software-driven technology, EdgeIQ protects your solar from damaging voltage levels. Our smart device acts as a filter between the electricity grid and your home to reduce the voltage you receive to a safe and efficient level of 225 volts. EdgeIQ will ensure that your solar system is not at the mercy of grid inefficiencies, so you will generate maximum power whenever the sun is shining. EdgeIQ will supercharge your solar and save you up to 15% on electricity bills!

The solution

EdgeIQ and edgeConX

Accessed online through your mobile or computer, edgeConX is our easy to use customer interface that delivers you peace of mind with powerful, real-time monitoring of your solar panel performance and energy usage and voltage health.


Track your costs, usage, voltage, peak demand, CO2 and more in real-time.


Understand how and where you peak energy usage occurs.


Identify simple ways to save.

Added benefits of EdgeIQ


Electricity use
& bill costs


Appliances from



Smart and interactive



Start saving instantly with EdgeIQ

If you’re fed up with expensive electricity, act now and save instantly. It’s that simple!

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