edgeConX Platform

Energy management can be utterly confusing. The market is overwhelmed with offers, yet useful, real-time data if often out of reach. The edgeConX Platform takes the stress & guess-work out of managing your energy. From personalised data insights to peak consumption alerts, edgeConX monitors every aspect of your business energy health. Save more, use less & achieve growth with edgeConX!

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Know exactly how much your next power bill will cost before it hits.


What is using energy and how it is impacting your usage.


Understand how and where you peak energy usage occurs.


Identify simple ways to save through behavioural change.

Live Fleet Management

If you’re managing a portfolio of sites or customers, edgeConX gives you total visibility of your fleet from one, real-time platform.

Remote monitoring, paired with live alerts, helps you drill down into individual sites with the click of a button.

Want granular data? edgeConX Platform gives you instant performance reports, so you can easily compare usage & savings across multiple sites.

Platform supported hardware

Installer business

A great customer experience, starts with a great installer experience.

We know that if your customer has post installation teething, they’ll be on the phone straight away.

Having experienced this directly we have developed the tools to simplify the installation experience, validate the installation success on site and trigger your customer account on-boarding process.

Simple installs

Guides you step-by-step through installation of all edgeConX products.

Quick Onboarding

Plug in a few simple customer details and we take care of the rest.

Instant feeback

CTs round the wrong way? Don’t worry, the app will alert you immediately!

Technical support

edgeConnected is backed by a dedicated local support team to answer your calls.

Small business

Take your customer service to the next level with real time understanding of your customer portfolio.

Track performance and customer engagement. Set and receive alerts specific to your business and customer needs.

Delivered in simple and easy to understand interfaces that are supported by advanced analytics.

Complete control

See every customer in the field on one, simple portal.

Predictive maintenance

Access customer sites remotely to diagnose issues.

Real-time data

Track your customers’ solar, battery, sub-circuit loads, kWh and much more.

Happy customers

Take your business to the next level with this epic customer service tool.

Commercial business

Tracking facility and hardware performance has never been easier to manage and understand.

Get performance information in standard metrics like cost and time which are supported by energy metrics instead of lead by them. Positive change in driving efficiency for individual business or fleet portfolios is at your fingertips.

Load performance monitoring

Track what’s using energy and how this impacts your bill

Get energy fit.

Quickly diagnose areas of wastage and define the solution and ROI

Be more responsive

Get in front of potential maintenance issues before they occur. Track performance and get alerted when things change.

Track performance outliers

Running a portfolio of sites? Compare loads and find inefficiencies in usage, cost & percentage performance.

Commercial Networks

Network stability is critical in this changing energy landscape. A key factor in driving stability comes from knowing what is happening in the network.

Our range of network monitoring devices bring real time visibility to the edge of grid, from home and business back up to the distribution transformer and into the substation.

Power Quality

Delivering a full range of power quality information including harmonic distortion, active, reactive and apparent power.

Granularity & data rates

Delivering full power quality 1 second data intervals every 60 seconds with options to deliver faster.

Cost & Performance

Designed to be a highly cost effective solution to support the scale of network rollouts.

Powerful analytics

Enhanced data delivery and analytics opens new opportunities in developing Digital Twin simulations of active networks.

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