Voltage Reader


edgeConX Voltage Reader is the simple, low-cost way to diagnose a high voltage problem at your home or business. Simply plug it into any power point to get an instant,
real-time voltage reading.

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High voltage is a nasty problem. It means you are being force-fed too much power from the grid, resulting in high power bills, damaged appliances and dangerous power spikes. If you have solar, high voltage will stop your system from working. The Voltage Reader will protect your home from high voltage by diagnosing your voltage level in an instant.


Technical specifications

Model: EE-403-002


  1. Simply plug it into any power point​ in the home
  2. Get an instant, real-time voltage reading​
  3. ‘Stable dot’ is the present voltage
  4. ‘Flashing dot’ is your maximum recorded voltage.
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