EdgeIQ Voltage Optimiser


Protects your home, appliances and solar system with voltage optimisation technology

Instantly reduces your power consumption by up to 10%​

Increases the yield from your solar panels by up to 15%​

Improves the lifespan of all appliances​

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EdgeIQ is the best protection you can get to shield your home and appliances from grid instability, high voltage and dirty power. Lower your energy bills by regulating the voltage into your home and only paying for the power you need.
The EdgeIQ acts as a filter between the electricity grid and your home to reduce the voltage you receive to a safe and efficient level of 225 volts.  EdgeIQ will supercharge your solar and even save you up to 15% on electricity bills! Once installed, the EdgeIQ will pair with the edgeConX app, providing a real-time granular data breakdown of your energy activity.

Technical specifications

Model: EE-202-0050-001

Product life: 15 years

Warranty: 2 years


Comms options: Cellular communications with embedded 3G/4G modem, private APN with AES256 encryption IPSec tunnel

Comms architecture: Periodic reporting to a central IoT cloud server

loT comms: CoAP with DTLS security

Device data retention: 1 month of 1-second power quality data / 1 year of 1-minute power quality data


IP rating: IP54

Operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C


Configuration: Single Phase Electrical frequency: 50/60Hz

Rated voltage: 180-275 VAC Line – Neutral

Rated current: 22A per phase regulating / 100A per phase bypass

Rated power: 5kVA per phase regulating / 25kVA per phase bypass

Lightning: Powerline surge protected to 10KV per NMI-M6

Peak efficiency: 98.2%

Power & enery accuracy: +1%

Alarms & event logging: Grid over-voltage, grid under-voltage, over-current, ambient over-temperature

Fully compatible with grid-connected and off-grid battery solutions

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Installation Service

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