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Keep track of your energy usage in real time with this tiny device that sends super helpful info straight to your phone!

Annual communications cost: $100 (inc GST) – First 3 months FREE

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Our smart energy monitor, paired with the edgeConX app is like a fitness tracker for your home or business that will help you save more and use less. With a simple installation into the main switchboard of your site, the energy monitor will instantly begin to track your usage, spend, solar and more in real time. Once the energy monitor is installed use the edgeConX app to set monthly energy goals, reduce bills and save with convenience and ease.

edgeConX App

Receive real time data and information from the app with with no ongoing fees or subscriptions.


Choose and monitor up to six circuits in your home.


Begin to track your usage, spend, solar, batteries, appliances and more.


Connect your energy monitor and app through Wifi signal or 3G & 4G options.


A qualified electrician can simply install the energy monitor into any switchboard.

Technical specifications

Model: EE-404-009

Install support: Single phase & three phase

CTs: 6 X 60 amp

Product life: 10 years

Warranty: 2 years


Energy Transmission: 5 second – 15 minute intervals (configurable, default is 1 minute)

Comms outage: Outage data logging 10 days of 15-minute interval data

Energy data: Voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, harmonics distortion


Slots in switchboard: 2

Connection: 4G

Internet: SIM Provided by Edge


Operating voltage: 90 – 275 VAC

Operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C

Frequency: 50Hz

Additional information

Installation service

Installation not included

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