Ultility grade power quality monitoring

The eSensor is a low cost, high quality transformer status monitoring module, supporting both single and 3 phase installations

Data management

With a wide voltage input range of 100 525 VAC, real time visualisation of power quality data and theft detection

Preventative maintenance

High power quality and temperature monitoring enables preventive maintenance

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Impacts of no visability

No monitoring

No real-time monitoring of transformers

Reactive maintenance

which leads to long customer outage periods

High carbon emissions

No visibility means greater carbon emissions

The problem

Responding to the evolving energy landscape

Energy Networks lack visibility of the low-voltage grid, which is under increasing pressure from new technologies like solar and wind. Without visibility, Networks struggle to manage power supply and maintain reliability.

Common network issues

Predictive maintenance

In 2013 Pepco prevented a critical transformer failure worth $3 million and prevented a $4 million new transformer purchase with monitoring

Customer complaints

Energex & Ergon pay $2,200 per complaint investigation.
Annual cost of $2.2 million (2016)

Power outage

SA Power Network expects to pay ~20 million to households who lost power for more than 12 hours

Theft prevention

QLD government estimated power theft at a cost of $30 million per year

Data to network, DER integration and smart grid realisation

Network emergency repairs cost ~$20,000

Fewer outages

Average ROI on predictive maintenance monitoring equipment is ~ 9 -15 mths

Emissions reduction

Locating leakage locations on the grid can eliminate 50+ million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually

Shorter outages

Toronto Hydro saved 100,000 outage minutes by implementing, monitoring and identifying 12 overloaded transformers

The solution


Edge’s eSensor is an intelligent and compact power quality monitor. Its software-driven technology enables predictive, low cost maintenance and state of the art network control. Monitoring transformers in real-time with eSensor is the smartest way to digitise legacy asse

eSensor provides
live data alerts on:

Reverse current flow


Power factor

Over and
under voltage

Power outages
and overloading

Internal arc detection
counter and alarm

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It’s comprehensive grid visibility through unique technology  

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