December 8, 2020 Nina Moriarty-Gray

Energy Monitoring for the Home

Anthony and Carleen's energy monitoring experience

Anthony is a retired electrician and he and his wife Carleen have always been interested in how energy affects their home. To have more clarity, they installed the edgeConX energy monitor in 2019. With a wealth of knowledge and a deep curiosity in energy systems, Anthony was interested in learning more. Their edgeConX energy monitor provides insight, transparency and information on how energy interacts within their home.

Their experience

A qualified electrician installed Edge’s energy monitor in Anthony and Carleen’s switchboard. Once installed, they logged into the edgeConX App and saw in real-time how much power their home was consuming. They were particularly interested in the voltage supply graph. This helped them discover that their home was receiving a high voltage level of 240 volts. This level is higher than the recommended and optimal amount a residential home should be receiving. Another favourite feature of the edgeConX app was the live data feed. This live data feed provides Anthony and Carleen with real-time data on their current and everyday usage.

Now, Anthony and Carleen have full visibility of their home’s energy consumption and solar performance.  The edgeConX app allows them to see when things are not performing as well as expected.  The app can be used to set monthly energy goals and save on bills with convenience and ease.

"I like the clear, easy to understand graphs that appear on the edgeConx App. Information about my energy use and solar generation is accurate and in real-time.


How this can help you

Anthony and Carleen love that the energy monitor has put them in control of their power. They found the edgeConX staff, “quick to respond to questions and helpful with their answers.” They would recommend the energy monitor for people looking for insight, transparency and information on how energy interacts within their home and how they can become empowered to change their energy usage behaviour.

Monitoring technology systems directly reduce energy consumption through improved control, and indirectly by making energy consumption visible to users. The energy monitor is a compact, low-cost device that makes energy management simple and stress-free. By pairing with the edgeConX app, it acts as a fitness tracker for the home that will not only help you save more and use less but also identifies dangerous high voltages that could burn out your appliances.

Learn more about how the energy monitor could benefit your home today!

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