October 27, 2020 Nina Moriarty-Gray

What is power factor?

The term Power Factor is used to measure how efficiently your equipment uses electricity.

Many technologies – including lifts, pumps, cooling, lighting, and motors – tend to waste a lot of power, meaning you are paying for electricity you don’t use. This is known as having a poor Power Factor.

Think of your electricity usage as this jug of beer. Although you pay for the whole jug, sometimes it’s inefficiently poured, and you end up paying for a lot of froth.

Froth is like poor power factor. The more inefficient your equipment is, the more froth you have and the more expensive your electricity bill is.

Edge’s PowerSave uses unique Power Factor Correction technology to improve the efficiency of your equipment and reduce the amount of expensive froth, or wasted power, in your electricity bill.

What is Network Demand Charge

In addition to your standard energy charges (e.g. $/kWh), many businesses are also hit with an expensive network demand charge ($/kVA). This means you are billed for the power supplied in kilovolt ampere (kVA), as well as your energy used in kilowatt hours (kWh).

Your network demand charge is calculated using the maximum amount of energy you use per billing cycle to operate your business.

The charge is to encourage businesses to manage their electricity more efficiently by improving their Power Factor. This can be easily achieved through installing Edge’s PowerSave power factor correction technology.

Improve your Power Factor with patented, award-winning technology

  • PowerSave provides superior power factor correction (0.99) for maximum savings and improved equipment lifespan.
  • PowerSave runs close to 99.9% efficiency for minimal operating costs.
  • It uses software to monitor and protect components instead of inefficient, high-heat reactors. This reduces risk of heat damage and servicing costs.
  • PowerSave is equipped with high reliability, self-healing capacitors from German electronics specialist EPCOS.

Get an analysis today

Edge uses a sophisticated analytics process to recreate a virtual bill of a customer’s network demand charges ($/kVA). All site analysis uses 12 months of meter interval data to exactly match the customers’ demand charges and then evaluate the change in these demand charges with a PowerSave installed. All PowerSave units are sized to provide the ideal balance of economic performance and sufficient additional kVAr capacity to provide flexibility should site load increase. Find out how much you could save using the PowerSave calculator and book your analysis below.

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