November 16, 2019 Nina Moriarty-Gray

EdgeIQ customer case study: Rob, VIC

Gippsland, Victoria, is a hot spot for residential solar. Unfortunately for locals, the widespread adoption of PV systems has increased grid volatility and high voltage levels across the area. Here’s a story from our customer, Rob…

“We had new REC 280W Twin Peak Euro solar panels, Enphase S270 micro inverters and a Sonnen eco8 Lithium ion phos battery installed in March 2017 and right from the start had micro inverters reporting high grid voltage and, consequently, losing efficiency or shutting down as well as intermittent battery close down.

By mid-July, solar operation efficiency issues and shut downs had become worse and the battery was in high voltage lockout for about five days in every week, the sunny days.”

“Now knowing that grid voltage was high and outside of the Australian Standard for voltage delivery, we made requests for remedial action/repair from both the battery and the micro inverter suppliers.  Through this time Sonnen, the battery manufacturer, supported their product 100%, working with us to identify grid voltage running up to as high as 262V.”

“We were impressed when Sonnen’s Technical Business Coordinator travelled to East Gippsland to ensure our battery was OK but less than impressed when a grid operator customer service staff member suggested that we get our solar systems recalibrated, we knew we had to do something.

After 5 ½ months of intermittent and unsatisfactory solar operation, we fitted our new EdgeIQ Voltage Protection unit right next to our meter box.  The unit acts as a “gatekeeper” between the grid and our house and ensures that the house voltage is regulated to 220V, a setting still within the Australian Standard, but on the low side of the standard, optimising efficiency for solar generation and storage and maximising efficiency of our household appliances.  Since installation of the EdgeIQ, our solar equipment has been 100% productive.

In the meantime, the grid operator agreed to “down-crank” the transformer in the street, bringing the grid voltage down to within the Australian Standard, but still on the high end of the standard when the sun is shining – 250V and it’s not even summer yet.  We are relieved to know that, whatever happens to grid voltage in the future, the EdgeIQ is there to protect and help us optimise our solar investment and appliances. EdgeIQ ensures everything runs at maximum efficiency.”

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