October 12, 2019 Nina Moriarty-Gray

EdgeIQ customer case study: Lee, SA

At Edge, nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer. Hearing feedback from Lee of Willunga, South Australia, still puts a smile on our faces. Here is Lee’s story…

Around 7 years ago, Lee made the smart decision to install a 4kW solar system and in August 2018 he added a Tesla Powerwall to his home to increase his solar savings.

Right away, Lee noticed his battery was going into standby, meaning it wasn’t charging. After speaking with Tesla, Lee learned that the grid voltage coming into his home was above his battery system’s safety limit of 258 volts. This was causing his battery to go into standby to protect itself.

Tesla suggested Lee contact his electricity network, SAPN, who sent a technician to his home only to find “no issue” with the grid voltage. This was particularly frustrating for Lee, who knew the Australian standard states that voltage must be supplied to homes at 216 – 253 volts.

Lee recorded voltages as high as 263 volts at his home, using an electrician’s voltage reader device.

By this stage, Lee’s battery system was going into standby multiple times every day. His only solution was to completely cut it off from the grid and use his generated solar power to charge his battery. This meant Lee’s home was being fully powered by his solar and battery system, which unfortunately wasn’t a solution he could sustain. Furthermore, it meant Lee wasn’t able to sell any solar back to grid and take advantage of his solar feed in tariff, meaning lost solar savings.

After much back and forth with SAPN, the network sent out another technician and installed a data logger at the transmission pole outside Lee’s home. Finally, it was agreed that the grid voltage coming into Lee’s home was too high. SAPN agreed to commence works to lower the grid voltage in his area by 2.5%.

Unfortunately, this solution would not completely prevent his battery’s standby issue, meaning more lost savings.

Luckily, there was an end to Lee’s frustrations in sight…

“Suntrix came to service my solar system. The technician mentioned EdgeIQ and that he knew of many a customer in the same predicament. I contacted Edge and they installed state of the art technology designed to overcome the aged South Australia grid network architecture,” he said. 

Since installing EdgeIQ, Lee’s solar and battery systems have been working properly with minimal standby issues. He’s also saved an extra $224 to date from improved solar performance.

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