September 11, 2019 Nina Moriarty-Gray

ABC’s 7:30 Report on high voltage

Our electricity grid is struggling to cope

ABC’s 7:30 Report recently investigated the growing concern over high grid voltage. Check out the full video here.

To recap, our electricity grid is struggling to cope with the growing penetration of residential solar. To help manage this problem, electricity network companies are delivering power to our homes at voltage levels which increase our electricity bills, damage our appliances and can even cut off our solar systems.

The ABC report says, that by regulation, Australian households should receive electricity with a grid voltage between 216 – 253 volts. However, the voltage is often over the 253 volt limit, resulting in high electricity consumption.

According to electrician, Dean Spicer, some household voltage readings are “outrageous”. “Once an appliance reaches saturation, that high voltage transfers as heat, which is just money down the drain, effectively,” he said.

Edge’s CEO, Richard McIndoe, spent years running one of the country’s major electricity retailers, EnergyAustralia. Speaking to the 7:30 Report, he said he said he was being “force fed” electricity.

“Based on the voltage that I’m seeing here at 254 volts, I’m roughly paying about $1,200 more for my electricity each year than I need to,” McIndoe said.

“This is pervasive across the whole country. We have a major issue with regulating voltage across Australia and it’s getting worse.”

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