November 8, 2018 Nina Moriarty-Gray

You choose what to monitor, edgeConX does the rest

edgeConX lets you see exactly how much you’re spending on individual appliances in your home. All the hard work is done for you – so you only need to decide what to track!

Your energy monitor will connect to 6 individual circuits within your home. Your big “power guzzling” appliances will be on their own power circuit. It’s a good idea to track these first, and you can always add smart plugs to your other appliances to increase visibility and control in the future.

Here’s what we recommend:

Want to increase your visibility and control? Ask us about adding some low-cost smart plugs to any appliance in your home:

· TV (Accounts for up to 19% of your total power bill)

· Fridge (Accounts for up to 18% of your total power bill)

· Washing machine, dryer, dishwasher (Accounts for up to 6% of your total power bill)

Find out which smart plugs are compatible with edgeConX™ at

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