Our Vision

At edgeConX, we believe everyone deserves affordable energy that doesn’t cost the earth. That’s why our experts have created world first award-winning technology to lower your bills and lighten your carbon footprint.

And the best part? Our smart devices do all the work to reduce your energy consumption so that you don’t need to think about it! Whether you manage a home or run a business, our team will work with you to customise an energy solution to suit your needs.

Get energy fit with the edgeConX Platform


The voltage and usage of your sites and see if they are being force-fed too much power.


Solar, battery, voltage, sub-circuit loads, kWh and much more.


Use our hardware to protect your appliances, save money and control your power.

Tailored energy solutions

edgeConX Software Platform

Fleet Management

See each of your sites in the field on one, simple portal.

Cost & Performance

Designed to be a highly cost effective solution to support the scale of network roll outs.

Data Breakdown

Delivering full power quality 1 second data intervals every 60 seconds with options to deliver faster.


Track your costs, usage, solar, battery, CO2 and more in real-time.


Know exactly how much your next power bill will cost before it hits.


Get helpful, energy insights to save more & use less.


Set & smash monthly energy goals with useful, real-time alerts.


Being in control & stress free of energy anxiety!


edgeConX App

Energy monitoring and insights at your fingertips


Discover our cutting edge energy hardware

Our goal is to have something for everyone. Explore our residential and user friendly interfaces today.

Our mission? To end energy confusion. Our method? Simple, independent technology that makes energy visible, tangible and manageable for busy customers – just like you! 

Our green goal

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Small business

Track your energy in real-time & get insights to help you save


Monitor all your sites from the one simple, universal online platform


Deliver epic customer service through real-time tracking & remote maintenance


Smart grid data platform enabling asset management & theft detection


Data points monitored per customer


Weekly energy insights delivered


Tonnes of carbon reduced by customers weekly

We are here to help

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