July 11, 2019 Editorial Team

Is high voltage killing your solar savings?

Solar is a smart investment for you and the environment, but high grid voltage can drag down the performance of your panels and prevent your system from generating power, resulting in extra costs and lower savings. If your home is exposed to high voltage, you are missing out on significant solar savings.

Worse still, high voltage forces your appliances to consume more power than they need. This increases your bills and damages all the valuable devices in your home.

Impacts of high voltage

  • Your appliances are force-fed too much power
  • Your electricity bills are high
  • Your solar system is up to 15% less effective
  • If voltage is extremely high, your solar inverter completely shuts down

Benefits of EdgeIQ voltage protection

  • EdgeIQ filters out high voltage from your power supply
  • Your appliances only consume the optimal amount of power
  • Your electricity bills are lower
  • Your solar system is up to 15% more effective
  • Your solar inverter is protected from extreme voltage shut down

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